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Chester Thompson - Drums for Phil Collins 2004/2005  

Chester Thompson
Batterie pour le First Final Farewell Tour
de Phil Collins - 2004/2005

Collector's Maple Drums

Pedals and Hardware
Gibraltar Hardware with
5002AD3 Delta3 Accelerator Bass Drum pedal
5500TD Delta Turbo Hi-Hat
9502LB Remote Hi-Hat
9300 Snare Drum Stand
9900 Doubble Tom/Cymbal Stand
9901 Low Tom Stand
9799 Double Cymbal Stand
9700 Straight/Boom
9100 Drum Throne

14" AA Rock Hats
12" HHX Splash
15" Hand Hammered Sound Control Crash
18" Hand Hammered Extra Thin Crash
22" Signature Liquid Ride
18" HHX Studio Crash
18" HHX Chinese
and Others

Chester Thompson, Luis Conté and Phil Collins - Nimes 2004 - Photo by me ! ;-)